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Founding Member: Elaine Varley

“There has been no one before her and there will be no one

after whose dedication to her town and its history exceeds hers.”

– Myrna Santos

“She was truly an amazing woman.”

– Christine Pacheco

Dighton Historical Society Elaine Varley

This picture of Elaine shows her doing what she loved to do — teaching young Tiger Scouts about Dighton history. Dated October 26, 2013.

The Dighton Tricentennial Book calls the late Elaine Varley a “woman extraordinaire.”

Many would consider that an understatement. Instead, they might side with the words of Selectmen Chairman Dean Cronin: “She is an icon in this town.”

Varley, 95, died Friday, June 20, 2014, following months of declining health.

Elaine Varley was a founding member of the Dighton Historical Society in 1962, and was instrumental in the purchase of the Winslow-Davis House in 1964, where she cleaned and painted and did stenciling on the walls.

Varley became director and curator of the Winslow-Davis House Museum and often helped with exterior cleaning, painting and setting up display cases for artifacts, according to the written release.

“She gave historical lectures and participated actively with other historical organizations. She formed the Junior Historical Society so that our youth could learn about local history and keep it alive for future generations,” the release said. “She carried on when her friend and mentor, Helen H. Lane, Dighton’s first historian, stepped down, and she carried on the work that Miss Lane had started. Elaine wrote the update to Miss Lane’s ‘History of Dighton.”

Source: Article by Jeffrey D. Wagner of Taunton Gazette, June 23, 2014

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